Thursday, 22 September 2016

Pickup artists found guilty of rape after woman finds a blog where men bragged about attacking her online

Two men, Alex Smith and Jonas Dick, who were instructors in the community of pickup artists - men who obsessively study and practice methods of meeting and sleeping with as many women as possible have been arrested and found guilty of rape after woman finds a blog where the men bragged about attacking her online.

Men in the pick up community see pick up as an art and say pickup is about self-actualization, and finding meaning in their lives. But according to San Diego’s district attorney, Alex and Jonas—both 27 years old—are predators and the pursuit of their “art” has led to the rape of multiple women.

Alex Smith and Jonas Dick, were instructors at the pickup-artist forum, Real Social Dynamics, and wrote online about their desire to meet and have sex with as many women as possible, according to The Daily Beast.

The pair shared their wisdom on how to get women with Jason Berlin, 28, for $300 per night before they then went on to rent a $2,000-per-month apartment in the trendy Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego which was very close to many clubs and bars.

Smith and Dick lived in the apartment, while Berlin agreed to pay the rent in exchange for 'lessons' from Smith and Dick on how to get women all the time.

12 days after moving in together in October 2013, a 31-year-old woman was raped in their apartment after a night out of drinking.

This is how it happened; Claire - which is not the woman's real name - and her pal Laura went back to Smith and Dick's house after drinking. Laura stayed in one room with Dick and discussed with him but became uneasy after her phone went missing while she went to use the restroom. Laura then started looking for her friend in the house and knocked on the other bedroom door to see if Claire was there so they could go home.
'When Alex Smith opened [the door], Laura could see Claire on the bed, Claire's dress was on the floor; she was lying facedown in a pool of her own vomit. Laura then helped dress up Claire who was going in and out of un consciousness Claire was surrounded by Berlin, who only had on a T-shirt, and Smith, who 'was completely naked and erect. Smith and Dick then began laughing before Smith said, 'We just tag-teamed your friend,' referring to himself and Berlin. 
Claire reported to police but the case fell through as the police didn't go bak to the apartment to question the men involved. However, Claire decided to search 'Jonas Dick' on Google and found a forum on Real Social Dynamics that had the horrific details of the crime he committed on her.
The post was titled 'Run a train with bootcamp student,' and read as follows:
'Jonas [Dick] and I are both teaching BC [boot camp] tonight…We run into each other at pull o clock [bar closing].  He asks me to Wing for him. I do; within a couple minutes I'm fingering my girl right outside of the bar in public. Pull back to the spot. 0 LMR. [Last-minute resistance] Make her beg for my d*** and I say only if my friend can f*** you too. So we run a train on the h**.  
I text Jonas to choo choo her but he has to occupy her friend. Her friend came out and I was like 'yeah we just tagteamed your friend' my chick freaked out (cause now she's the s*** etc.)  I get hit in the face with a high heel. I laugh; we kick them out. Detail to be added when I have time.'
In a now deleted post, Berlin wrote: 'I know its choo choo time…I get up and walk towards the room.

Source : DailyBeast

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