Sunday, 18 September 2016

Residents of Dikwa and Gambolu Ngala, Borno appeal to FG for help as they are being ambushed due to bad access road

"We are appealing to Federal Government to look at the long suffering of our people and assist us. It's very pathetic that our people are now spending 4 to 5 days just from Dikwa to Gamboru Ngala due to the poor access road. From Gamboru Ngala to Dikwa is even worst because of the damaged made by Boko Haram, motorists can not longer operate the Nbulu river bridge and this is the key aspect that connects to the highway.

On 15, September 2016, we had to spent 16 hours on the bridge due to it worst damaged, before we could get to Dikwa it was around 9pm. Dikwa and Gamboru Ngala is just a few kilometers road, which Federal Government can even handle within a short period to save lives of her vulnerable citizens, who are dying from unnecessary ambush in the area of: Musine, Lomani and Gajibo village. The effect of Gamboru Ngala high way will not only support and enhance the people living but, the economy of Borno state and Nigeria at large. We are appealing to Federal Government to come to our aid and save dying soul as a matter of urgency before things gets out of hand."

Yusuf .M. Gulumbo from Ngala Local Government Area of Borno State, posted the appeal on his Facebook, today, September 18th:

source: linda ikeji blog

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