Thursday, 20 October 2016

3-year-old becomes internet's hero with this epic class picture day outfit

When 3-year-old Kaylieann Steinbach picks out her school outfits every morning there are no mismatched socks, bright colored blouses or pajama-like pants.
Instead, the little girl sticks with her favorite theme: superheroes.
That’s why the preschooler’s parents weren’t surprised by their daughter’s outfit choice on picture day at her school, Merryhill Preschool in Rocklin, California.
For two straight weeks, the little girl had been running around in her bright blue velvet Superman dress and matching red cape. In fact, she wore it so much, her parents even had to sneak into her room to wash it while she was in the bath.

But they still got a good chuckle when they opened up their mail a few weeks later and saw her adorable ensemble -- superman figurine included.
Kaylieann’s dad, Alex Steinbach, posted the hilarious school picture to Reddit, and it received nearly 5,000 upvotes.
“As proud as any parents can be we do our best to support her with everything, including outfit choices,” Steinbach told CBS News. “We always let her dress herself and her choices show her personality well.”
Every day, Kaylieann makes sure everyone in her class gets a friendly “hello.”
They often try to guess which outfit she’s going to go with that day.
Her parents say it’s safe to assume it will be some version of a superhero costume.
“Since we’ve always let her choose her outfit we will continue to let her,” Steinbach said. “She loves expressing herself with her choices.”
Steinbach can’t wait to hang the photo, which perfectly sums up Kaylieann’s spunky personality, on the wall.
“She’s already smarter than all of us parents combined! She surprises us everyday and leaves us speechless and with tummy aches from laughing,” Steinbach said.

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