Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Man narrates his experence with some child beggars

A Nigerian man by the name Agbalanze GranDeity, took to his Facebook page to share a recent experience he had with helping some children who go about begging for alms. Agbalanze wrote:
''The little things that can change everything which we mostly overlook. Children needs love more than material things, they need our attention more than our sweets and biscuits...We were on our way going home from an outreach when we met the little Abigail and her brothers (Abigail is that 4yrs little girl you meet every day in front of the Polo park Mall gate begging alms with his brothers) . 
 My beautiful Miracle Nnam called out to her and she rushed to meet us expecting some money to come out, Mimi carried her in her alms and asked her if she would want to go shopping with us inside Shoprite, she smiled and accepted with so much excitement and we all marched into the mall alongside her 2brothers, we started at Pep shop and ended at Shoprite... We played, we giggled, we loved, we shared... The next day we followed them home, connected with their mother (a single mother of 3) and we found out that little smart Abigail and her 12yr old elder brother have never been to school before and they've been enrolled to benefit from our "EXPLORING THE STREET CHAMPS PROJECT" 
People who knew them as beggars were looking at us in dismay inside Shoprite... But I bet they do not know the feelings our little kind gesture brought out of the little impoverished Angels. (One of the shop managers even wanted to walk them out of the mall not knowing they were with us, I shunned him badly though) Ma homie Dyce Eze can like to play with children sha... Uchendu Enemuo ma brother was filled in awe... Lolzzz
More photos below...

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