Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Neighbour exposes a woman's cheating boyfriend with an anonymous letter

A woman received an anonymous letter from a 'nosy neighbour' which exposed her cheating boyfriend of six years. The note which was typed but still had a part of it handwritten, was found stuck on her front door. It revealed to the woman that although her boyfriend fights with her and claims he doesn't trust her, it's because he cheats on her with a waitress he also brings over to the house when she's not around.

The anonymous neighbour who addressed the letter to the 'woman of the house', wrote:
'I hear you and your friend fighting all the time. As a matter of fact, we can hear everything word for word, like it or not. I heard him tell you he doesn't trust you or something like that, maybe because of what he is hiding from you. He had a girl at this apartment when you weren't here. He's probably playing you both for fools and I just thought you should be informed. Maybe now the fighting can stop'
In a handwritten addition at the bottom of the letter, the neighbour wrote: 'I've seen them at Denny's too. She wears a Denny's uniform. Ask him about that.'

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