Sunday, 2 October 2016

Nigerian female police officer returns to warfront in Somalia weeks after surviving a gunshot that missed her heart by a few inches

Nigerian Police officer, Edward E Onoriode, who is curently on a mission in Somalia, shared this amazing story of his female colleague, Sgt Ladi John pictured above, who in August suffered a gun shot wound during an attack by Al-Shabab terrorist, flown abroad for a surgery and has returned back to work.
 According to Onoriode, Sgt Ladi who had her thanksgiving today, says despite doctors advise for her to return bck to Nigeria, she decided to come back to Somalia to complete her work which brought her to Somalia. Read his post about her

August 23rd, 2016 was a dark and sad day at Nigeria camp here in Mogadishu. One of our brave colleague was shot by Al-Shabab terrorist. We all thought she's gonna die because of the damage the bullet caused on her body. The bullet penetrated from her armpit and came out from her breast. We were all scared, scared that we'll loose her. The sight of the bullet injury was gory. 
She was rushed to UN level one hospital at Mogadishu for a quick surgery and after three days she was discharged and flown abroad for an intensive surgical operation. My colleagues who are Christians and Muslims often pray for her quick and rapid recovery while people like me wish her a successful surgical operation. Whichever way, we all want her alive again and she's alive today. 
Today, she's now on her feet, back in our camp, looking so healthy, sound and ready to get back to work again. Her words during her thanksgiving celebration; "....Doctors said I'm one of the luckiest human alive today because the bullet missed my heart by inches..... 
Despite the fact that they advised me to return back to Nigeria because of the psychological effect of the incident that I may have, I insist I'm ready to complete my mission and mandate that brought me to Somalia.....Her words brought tears down the eyes of many of us. She was passionate with her job and ready to give her all and complete her mandate in troubled Somalia. She's not a quitter but a winner and a heroine. 
Help me celebrate with my colleague Sgt Ladi John.

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