Wednesday, 5 October 2016

OMG!!!This is so amazing...#ForeverDuncan {video}

When Sherrell Woodward woke up on Sunday morning, she thought her boyfriend Alfred Duncan was just taking her on a date. Little did she know it would be one of the most eventful days of her life.
First, Alfred took her to lunch and asked her if she'd be cool with following along with the rest of his plans for the day. Even though she was anxious, she said she trusted him. She had no idea that he had already taken over her Instagram to let all her friends know he was about to propose.
Minutes later, he popped the question.
But the day didn't end at her saying yes. He had planned a wedding without her knowing.
And six hours later, they were married.
By the next day, the happy couple was trending with #ForeverDuncan. They thanked all their well-wishers, plus the few who joked that Duncan had raised the bar for all future marriage proposals. "Men don't hate him," Woodward said, "he was just doing what he was supposed to do."
Best wishes, #ForeverDuncan.

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