Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Sisters born with mild facial deformity write about being different: ''We are God's masterpiece''

Asia Mekole and India Janee and their mother were obviously born with the same genetic facial deformity. In a childhood photo of the two girls with their mother, Asia wrote:
"As the world is viewing this photo, their seeing something that they've never seen before. Which form questions and images inside their head. But let me tell you something, this right here is what you call God's masterpiece! His handiwork from his bare hands!
We were his chosen child because he knew, that we would make a difference in this world by showing (proving) people different! Not only that but also, embracing ourselves, inspiringly! Not everybody knows what one another is really cable of because people so quick to call somebody out and judge. But I can damn sure say that over the years people's opinion and words does not effect me at all anymore! I learnt that disliking who you are as a human being is disliking god's work. Different body size, you not liking how tall you are, having acnes, big boobs, naturally skinny, don't like the way your hair is, skin color, just have trouble loving yourself in general, baby embrace that shit because from my perspective, nothing is going to fade (go) away as you 'please' until you start building the confidence to appreciate who you are! So any irrelevant comments, ignorant ass people will get block!"
More photos below...

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