Saturday, 17 September 2016

Driver forced to have emergency surgery after lover accidentally 'BIT' his penis during sex act

A MAN ended up in hospital with bite marks on his manhood after a sex act while driving went horribly wrong.
The couple were travelling through Austria’s Waldviertel region when the incident occurred.
As the man drove along near the town of Krems in the northwest of the country, his female passenger began to pleasure him, The Local reported.
But the driver was forced to slam his foot on the brake when a deer suddenly jumped out in front of the car.
If he thought that was a shock, however, he had no idea what was coming next.
The surprise of the sudden jolt caused the man’s ladyfriend to clench her teeth as the motor came to a screeching halt.
And you can bet the vehicle wasn’t the only one screeching.
Emergency services didn’t know what to think when they received the call, according to Heute newspaper.
Medics were left scratching their heads when an ambulance was requested because of a “penis bite after a car crash”.
The man was eventually whisked off to hospital, along with his girlfriend, where he received surgery.
But he was relieved to hear from doctors that his wounds were only superficial and no permanent damage had been caused.
source: The Sun

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