Thursday, 6 October 2016

Confused 7-year-old girl tells school official she couldn't wake her parents - who died from drug overdose

A couple was found dead after a suspected drug overdose in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, when their seven-year-old daughter reportedly told officials at her school she couldn't wake up her parents and that something was wrong.

Police were called to the couple's home and the bodies of Christopher Dilly, 26 and Jessica Lally, 25, believed to have been dead for a day or two due to a fatal heroin overdose, were found.

Authorities say evidence of drug use was found inside the family's apartment where their bodies were discovered and their other children: a nine-month-old girl, three-year-old boy and five-year-old boy, who were inside the home, have been taken to a hospital to be evaluated.

Back in February, a woman who identified herself as Jessica Lally's sister, Courtney, took to social media to accuse her sister of being a drug addict and keeping her four children in filthy conditions. Lally aired her grievances against her sister and brother in law, revealing that they keep their children in filthy conditions, beat and do not care for them. She also shared photos purportedly taken inside the couple's then-home, showing filthy rooms strewn with piles of garbage, a dirty bathroom with stains on the wall and a broken door hanging off the hinges.

Late Jessica Lally fired back in a series of text messages, accusing her family of spreading lies about her and her boyfriend so they could take away her children. Although the Department of Children and Youth Services took the children once and placed them in the care of their grandmother, she eventually regained custody.

Autopsies will be now conducted on the two adults to determine the exact cause and manner of death.

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